Retail, Rentals, Refills, and Repairs:


RetailAs a full service shop, we also have a full retail store onsite for your needs. 


We carry an assortment of masks, wetsuits, gloves, hoods, watches, spears, snorkels, weights, fins, boots, BC's, buoys, markers, lights, and other accessories for your diving needs. 


What we don't have in the store, we are happy to order for you.


We are authorized dealers for Scubapro, Tusa, Bare, Halcyon, Mermaid Life, FinFun, Shearwater, Kraken, and many more.


We do offer payment plans and layaway options.


We will service paintball tanks. 


We also carry some pool cleaning chemicals, but we do not offer a pool service.  We no longer sell any firearms or related accessories.


Services offered:

We offer standard services to keep your tanks full and in shape.  These prices apply for standard size tanks and smaller, and for paintball tanks. 


Small Paintball Fill: $4

Air Fills: $10

Nitrox Fills: $16

02 Fill: $30

Visual Inspection (VIP): $25

Hydrostatic Test with Visual Eddy (Hydro): $50

Tumble Service: $20


We are a full service shop, but we currently only service Scubapro equipment.  1st and 2nd stage overhaul is $65 an hour plus parts.  Rush Service: $80 an hour plus parts.


Did you forget something?  Don't worry - we have you covered! 


We have a large selection of sizes available for your needs.  Most of our rental equipment is Subapro or Bare.


Rental prices below are per 24 hours.  We are open everyday, except some holidays, on days we are closed, rentals returned before noon on the following day will not be charged an extra day of use.


Air Tank: $17

NITROX Tank: $25

Regulator: $17

BC: $17

Wetsuit: $15

Boots / Hood: $7

Mask / Snorkel: $7

Fins: $7

Weight Belt w/ up to 20 lbs: $7

            (additional weight:  $5)

Light: $10

Dive Flag w/ Float: $10



If you are needing something specific and it is not listed above, please contact us.  Chances are we have it, or know where you can get it quickly.


Dive Shop San Marcos
1911 Old Ranch Road 12
San Marcos TX 78666

Monday - Saturday

10am - 6pm

Please check our Facebook Page for Covid-19 Hours as they vary due to changing restrictions.  You can also message us anytime there.  Or  feel free to call us.


Contact Us Phone: 512-396-3483
Fax: 512-396-3589

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