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Since we are close to major dive spots in the state, we dive frequently around the area.

Most dives are instruction related, but some are open to the public.  We also participate or host many local dive / clean up events and other water related events in the area.  Some events can be found on our Facebook Page, but please feel free to contact us for those dates, costs, and locations.


You can also connect with active divers in the area through a couple of our Facebook Groups: Dive Shop San Marcos and  Scuba Divers of San Marcos.


We post our events to those groups as well as our Facebook Page, but other organizations do as well, so there is ample opportunities to dive or just meet up and make new friends. 

Schedule a Dive:

If you are visiting the area and would like to dive Lake Travis, Canyon Lake, Spring Lake, or one of the local rivers, we can provide you with pricing information, dive information (water clarity, depth, and temperature), and some things you will need to know before you get in the water.  We can also help you with a dive plan to maximize your dive time.

For restricted or closed facilities, like Spring Lake, we can help you gain access, explain the restrictions, or make reservations for you.

We do not provide regularly scheduled tours of any dive location in the area.  We can schedule a Dive Master or dive guide to accompany you on your dive.  Please let us know when you are available, and which dive site you would like to visit.  For summer requests, please give at least a week's notice.
Don't have a Dive Buddy?  Do you want a Dive Guide?

You should never dive alone.  So if you need a dive buddy, we can see if there are any of the local groups or divers hosting an open dive during your visit, or we can schedule one of our Dive Masters / Instructors to dive with you. Our Dive Masters can also help you navigate most of the dive sites in the area if you are uncomfortable diving in a new location or navigating on your own.

Cost depends on time and location.  Please contact us for details.

We have a few trips and events during the year scheduled that you should come on!  Our trips are tailor made to maximize time, costs, and dives! 

While diving is the focus of the trips, we also try to explore the area around our dive sites, and, of course, have fun!  Plus, group trips are a great way to make new friends and great memories. 

These trips are open to the public - you do not have to be a student of Texas State University or the Dive Shop to attend.

A Message about Covid-19:

Due to Covid-19, plans change rapidly, sometimes without notice, for us and our customers. Please be patient with us if we close suddenly, move, cancel, or change, an event.

We are planning events, but will cancel due to local restrictions, a possible exposure issue, or if we feel the risk is too great to gather safely.  If you are interested in an event, please save the dates.  Facebook is the quickest way to stay up to date with any events.

If something cancels or changes, we will let you know ASAP.   If you have paid a deposit, or are making payments for a trip, class, or event, unless contacted, please assume there is no change in your payment schedule.  If you need to make a change, or are unable to attend a paid event due to Covid-19, please contact us directly.  If there is a change to your paid or registered event, you will be contacted.

Please DO NOT attend a class or event if you have been exposed to a person with Covid-19 in the last 14 days or have any symptoms.  We try to social distance, but due to the nature of SCUBA, we cannot guarantee social distance standards will be met. 

We are doing our best to stay safe, and we ask that you be responsible and do the same as well.

Amazing events for 2024:




Annual Events:


  • Mermaid Parade - In September!  Float riders and walkers needed! 
  • Lake Travis Clean Up - In September!  We participate every year!  We will post volunteer information as it's released.
  • Canyon Lake Clean Up - In the late fall.  Again, we will post volunteer information as it's released.

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    Every 4th of July we Celebrate America with a pool party and boil in our backyard!

    But where do the fresh crawfish come from?
      We dive for them ourselves!

    On the weekend of the 4th, we will do a night dive to catch the crawfish (and maybe some treasures from the tubers). 

    The dive is free.

    If you need gear it is free on a 1st come, 1st served / reserved basis, ONLY if you pick it up at the shop before the dive on Friday, and return it to the shop immediately after the dive that night.


    We will not be bringing any extra gear with us, nor will we be accepting gear to return at the event.

    If you need to make other arrangements, please contact the shop.

    Below is 2023 information, dates and times may change, but it's about the same each year.



    Join us for all events are just one!  Either way it's a great time and a great way to celebrate the 4th!


    Dive Shop Crawfish Boil



    2023 Information:








    2023 Information:

    Must be at the Park by 5pm / Before Gates Close!

    Halloween Underwater Pumpkin Carving

    tminionNot only does this weekend usually serve as a certification weekend for some students, but after the tests, we have some fun!   But feel free to come earlier and hang out and enjoy the park or dive before the contest.

    We will have our annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Costume Contest starting at Sunset.  So grab your dive buddy, your dive knife, a costume, and the best pumpkin you can find! 

    If you'd like, you can stay and camp and dive again in the morning!

    Prizes given for Best Pumpkin and Best Underwater Costume!

    You must be in the park by 5pm!
     The gates will close to the public around that time.
    Contest dive will start around 630pm.  There is a $5 donation for the contest in addition to the park entry.

    pumpkins 2017
    Previous results!


    ·  Please bring cash.

    ·  It is $15 per person to enter Windy Point Scuba Park for the day. 

    ·  It is an additional $10 to camp overnight, if you wish.

    ·  Non-divers welcome.

    ·  Bring your own pumpkins and dive knife.

    ·  Costumes must be worn underwater to be eligible for prizes.

    ·  Bring your own gear.  If you need rental gear for the weekend, please contact us.

    ·  You must be a certified diver.  You must have had a dive in the last 6 months.  (Please contact the Dive Shop San Marcos for any questions related to ability.)

    ·  If you do not have a dive buddy, but wish to dive before or after the contest, please let us know so we can find you one.   

    ·  Air fills are available onsite for $10 before 6pm.  If you want to do an extra night dive, bring an extra tank.

    ·  Other than porta-potties, there are no services at this park, you must bring your own food / water / tent / necessities.

    For other rules and restrictions, directions, or questions about the park, please see Windy Point Scuba Park's Website, or contact them directly. 
    Sign ups and date will be online soon.

    You may camp if you like afterward. 

    Underwater Pumpkin

    This is a unique dive and an awesome log book entry!  You'll get a night, deep, and altitude dive all in one! 

    The Dive Shop will have the whole facility and grounds to ourselves February 2nd - 4th, 2024 

    Come dive in one of the most unique places and come party with us after!

    This dive is open to ALL divers - not just Texas State Students.  We ask that you be certified advanced (or above) diver.  If you are not, please contact us.  Additionally, we welcome non-divers if you would like to join in the festivities.

    Valhalla Dive Silo is a flooded, decommissioned Atlas Nuclear Missile Silo outside of Abilene, TX.   At 2,420 feet above sea level, the 60 foot wide and 127 deep "pool" is not only an altitude dive, but is the largest indoor deep diving facility in the world.  Filled with 2 million gallons of clear ground water, this is truly a unique experience.

    Valhalla Dive Silo

    You must contact us to reserve your spot.

    *Camping on the property is free, but to stay underground, in the silo, there is an additional fee per night per person.  SPACE IS LIMITED in the silo.  Bedding provided,  but it is suggested you take extra to stay warm.  Additional lodging options available in the area at your own costs.  The silo is about a 30 minute drive from town / nearest services. 

    On Friday, there is typically no diving and an opportunity to get a tour from the owner and learn the history about the facility.

    Saturday morning we will start with a dive briefing and dive in groups throughout the day.  Breakfast and dinner will be provided.

    We will also have dives on Sunday till about mid afternoon if needed / wanted.

    If you are not an advanced diver or above, but would still like to go, please contact us! 

    Food should be brought (if camping/staying overnight), or you will have the opportunity to drive into town for meals at your own costs and with your own transportation. 

    Camping is PRIMATIVE.  Meaning there is no electricity for campers / electronics / hookups. SMALL generators are allowed.  Propane heaters / stoves / grills /  fires for camping and cooking are allowed, must be managed, and dependent on the weather / county burn ban.  You must provide wood / fuel and appliances.

    Transportation is not provided, but there maybe a caravan / car pool from the Dive Shop on Friday depending on group size and participants. 

    The option is available to join on Saturday or Sunday only, or for half days of diving, but cost does not change.

    Water temps are usually in the low 50's, so please be prepared for cooler water temps. Additionally, please bring warm clothes and supplies for the February weather. While Texas weather varies, it is usually cold and WINDY at the site.






     Bonaire! Scuba Diving Paradise!
    August 3 - 10, 2024








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